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Ski Jumping World Cup Zakopane (January 10th  – 12th 2013)
Every January, the picturesque ski resort town of Zakopane plays host to the stars of the World Cup. The World Cup in Zakopane is one of the most spectacular events of winter.  Reservation  tickets and accommodation.

Easter Egg Ski-Competition – Kalatówki (April 1st 2013)
It is a tradition of Easter Monday. Skiers participating in a competition have to be dressed in old fashion clothes and equipped with old ski gear. Skiing gives a lot of fun both to the participants and to the audience – it is not just a mere race but also a presentation of old-style skiing abilities and a  fashion show on the slope.

United Europe Jazz Festival (April 28th – May 5th 2013)
Everyone is welcome to attend the United Europe Jazz Festival which will be held in Dolna Równia Krupowa (the main stage) and in the cafes, pubs, hotels, clubs of Zakopane and in the ”Witkacego” theatre. The best dixieland, jazz, blues Polish and foreign musicians will take part. Come and have a good time listening to the best artists perform their music. The Festival is as usual accompanied by the Vinatge Cars Meeting.

International Organ Music Festival (June  – August  2013)
The International Organ Music Festival is an annual event taking place during the summer. The festival features great artists from all over the world.

Tatrzańskie Wici – the festival of Highland traditions (July – September 2013)
Tatrzańskie Wici is an annual festival organized in Zakopane and the Podhale Region. The idea of the festival is to promote the beauty of the Podhale region as well as to present the local custom and traditions.

45. International Festival of Highland Folklore (August 23rd – 30th 2013)
The International Festival of Highland Folklore is ranked as a one of the oldest and greatest folk festivals in Poland and Europe. During the festival Zakopane becomes vibrant with music, dance and singing. This year’s festival features ten or so European folk groups. One of the special attractions will be folk groups from remote parts of the world. The festival is a great occasion to get to know culture, traditions and folklore of Highlanders from various mountain regions in Europe and the world. Visitors will also have a chance to learn some folk dances, sample traditional dishes and many other attractions. Free entrance to the festival concerts. Everybody is welcome.

The Meetings with the Mountain Film (September 2013)
Meetings with the mountains film is a festival of mountain films taking place in Zakopane. Meetings are above all a competition of first-night films, applying for the first prize (earlier Award of the Audience) by which are accompanied by projections of out-of-competition films (also films from the archive), slide shows, meetings with highlanders, promotions of books, exhibitions of the photographs, concerts and climbing competitions.

Jazz Camping Kalatówki (September 2013)
Every Autumn on Kalatówki Jazz Camping takes place. All week in Hotel Górski Kalatówki you will have opportunity to listen to not only good jazz music but also interesting mixture of folk and jazz music.




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